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Digital Daisies – online garden design

Have you noticed how much time you are spending in your garden these days?

Is there something in your outdoor space that isn’t quite right?

Do you want to learn how to create the perfect place for you and your loved ones?

Our virtual coaching sessions and individually tailored garden consulting can help you make your garden just right, regardless of where in the world that may be.

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Digital Daisies offer a wide variety of online garden planning and customised garden consulting, from the comfort of your own home. We work with clients both in the UK and internationally.

For just £75 you will receive a one hour consultation on garden planning, design,

planting or landscaping. We also offer other digital services, from online garden plans to individually tailored garden and landscape concepts.

We have had very positive feedback from our clients with regard to our garden planning and consulting. Our online service helps clients determine exactly what they want from their outdoor space, and provides them with the knowledge and confidence to successfully achieve this.

One of the benefits of the online design and consultation is that a large-scale project can be split into affordable, bite-sized chunks. Whether this is a one hour consultation on your garden, a detailed garden and landscape plan or a complete garden redesign(!), our clients love the professional advice that they receive.

Before we start, we ask you to send us pictures and walk us through your garden (via a questionnaire) so that we obtain a good understanding of your outdoor space.

If you need help in realising your dreams for your garden, please  get in touch with us either via phone (07950 980 881) or email us at You can also order your online consultation/garden planning directly via this webpage, and we will contact you once your order is completed.

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Garden Consulting, Design Plan, Complete Garden & Landscape Package

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Garden Consulting

One hour online consultation with our expert designer to discuss suitable planting options and landscaping possibilities for your garden. You can ask any questions you have regarding your garden and learn from our top professionals, all from the comfort of your own home.

To book your session please contact us via phone (07950 980 881) or email us at Prior to the online session we will ask you to kindly provide us with pictures of your current garden and more information regarding your goals for your outdoor space.


Design Plan

Receive a bespoke computer visualisation and tailored garden plan of your dream garden based on your desired goals. This includes a bird’s eye view image of the garden and landscaping design, along with a 3D visualisation of the new design concept. Our designer will walk you through the final plan and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the final design.

To kick off the preparation of your design plan, please get in touch or order the digital visualisation via our website and we will contact you to gather the necessary details.


Complete Garden & Landscape Package

In addition to the full design plan described above, you will also receive a specific planting scheme tailored precisely to your garden. The planting scheme will include details of the greenery and/or flowers suitable based on the size and positioning of your garden, and we will also provide you with an exact list of plants that we propose to incorporate in the design.

As the design is based on the exact measurements of your garden you will also receive a summary of the quantity of plants and features required to complete the concept. This package also calculates the quantity of landscaping material required for the design of the landscaping features. A landscaper of your choice can provide you with a quote based on the landscaping plans prepared by Digital Daisies.

Once the plans are complete, you will receive an online walkthrough from our designer. To kick off this process please contact us, or order the complete garden and landscape package directly, via our website and we will contact you to gather the necessary details.